The benefits of


Hire only high producers that have the Sales DNA to consistently generate results

Eliminate sales “imposters” with a 95% predictive validity and with EEO Compliance

Understand the underlying reasons your existing hiring process isn’t working for sales and never make these critical mistakes again

Have a proven and complete system for attracting, interviewing, selecting and onboarding high producing sales people — one that you can depend on again and again as your company grows

Candidates fall into one of four categories, which one will you hire?
I can help you attract STARs and weed through the rest!

Sign up for a Free Strategy Session with me and find out how this Hiring Playbook predicts a high producer for your company with 95% predictive validity.

To this day, some six months later, we still have clients speak of how they truly enjoyed our training session and how much value and an impact it had on their business.
— Bob Beville
Director of Sales
Waterman Broadcasting NBC-2 and ABC-7
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